KONELSIS Solutions on Solar Energy Power Plants:
SEPP Project Designing Services,
EPC, Turnkey Solar Energy Power Plant Installation
Distribution Center Construction
Power Transmission Line Construction
Plant, Communication (TEİAŞ), Distribution (EDAŞ) Automation Systems Installation,
Consultancy, Feasibility and Project Development Services,
SEPP Data Record Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Services
Operation of Bureaucratic Works in accordance with Regulations, Technical and Administrative Specifications of ETKB, EPDK, TEİAŞ, EDAŞ, TEMSAN, YEGEM.

SEPP Project Designing Services;
SEPP Compatibility Calculations, Single Line Diagrams, Layout Plans, Grounding Protection Systems, Lightning Protection Systems, Primary Equipment Selection Calculations, Cable Current Carrying Capacity, Voltage Drop and Temperature Calculations, Short Circuit Calculations, Cable Channel Projects and every other TEDAŞ projects are crafted within our company.
Solar Efficiency of the Plant is Calculated by PVsol, PVsyst, Meteonorm Softwares to Achieve Maximum Effectiveness of the Plant,
In accordance with IEEE 80-2000 Standards, supported by CYME Grid Simulation, Application of Foundation Grounding and Calculations for Grounding Ensured,
Lighting Optimization is Ensured by AC & DC  Switchgear Lighting Works Supported by DIALUX,
Shading on the PV Panels are prevented by Preparation of Plant’s Shading and Layout Projects by Sketchup Software.

Solar Energy Power Plant Installation;
SEPP Electric Works;
PV Panel, Solar Inverter Equipment Procurement and Installations That We Distribute,
Suitable to OMRIF Standards, CCTV Systems Procurement and Installation
SEPP Distribution Center
SEPP Cabling Systems (LV&MV&HV)
Suitable to DIN Standards SEPP Lightning Protection Systems Construction
Digsilent Supported Calculations and Solutions for TEİAŞ Connection Agreement “Annex-18” Calculations
Operations and Applications for Foundation Grounding and Grounding Calculations, Suitable to IEEE 80-2000 Standards and Supported by CYME Grid Simulation,
Acceptance Works of ETKB and/or TEDAŞ.

SEPP Construction Works;
Field Leveling Works
Wire Fence and Razor Wire Construction
Synthetic Grass and Natural Grass Applications
Drainage System Construction
Outdoor Lighting Foundations
CCTV Foundations
Oil Pit Construction
Field Transportation and Inter-Field Road Applications
Construction of Reinforced Concrete Culverts for Road Crossings

SEPP Mechanical Works;
Installation of Carrier Construction Systems by Core or Tack methods according to our geological and topographic studies.
Procurement and Installation of Carrier Construction Systems
PV Panel Installations

Distribution Center;
Distribution Center Electrification,
Suitable to TEDAŞ Regulations and IEC Standards, Primary Equipment Procurement, Participation of our Expert Test Engineers to F.A.T. and Installation
Suitable to TEDAŞ Regulations, Secondary Equipment Procurement, Participation of
our Expert Test Engineers to F.A.T and Installation
With Participation of TEDAŞ Supervisory, Test and Commissioning
RTU, SCADA and Communication Systems Installation
Suitable to OMRIF Standards, CCTV Systems Procurement and Installation
Lighting System Installation
Acceptance Works of ETKB and/or TEDAŞ

Distribution Center Construction Works;
Prefabricated, Mono-block or Concrete Distribution Center Construction, Security and Commanding Building Construction,
Galvanized Cable Trays&Covers Manufacturing and Installation,
Drainage System Construction,
Acceptance Works of TEİAŞ/TEDAŞ.

Medium Voltage Equipment Electrification;
Metal Enclosed/Metal Clad Cell Procurement and Installation,
Command Control Panels’ Procurement and Installation,
Battery Rectifier Groups’ Procurement and Installation,
Faraday Cage Construction,
Building Foundation Grounding,
Suitable to DIN Standards Indoor & Outdoor Lightning Protection Systems Construction,
RTU Systems and Regional Load Dispatch Communication,
SCADA Automation System,
Passive Fire Warning Systems,
Weak Current Applications for Building Electric Installment,
Step-up Transformer Systems,
MV Test and Commissioning,
Acceptance Works of TEİAŞ/TEDAŞ.
Power Transmission Lines Construction
PTL Project Designing and Application
PTL Cost Optimization
Road Construction for PTL Pole Foundations
PTL Pole Foundation Construction
PTL Steel Procurement, Participation of Our Expert Test Engineers to FAT and Installation
1/0, 3/0, 477, 954, 1272 MCM Conductor Procurement and Machined and Non-Machined Wire Drawing
Isolator, Hanger, Tension Sets, Damper, Warning Sphere Procurement and Installation
OPGW Procurement, Installation and Finalization
Protection Wire Procurement and Installation
Organizing TEİAŞ/TEDAŞ/EDAŞ Control Organization, Making Official Correspondence and Acceptance of Transmission Line for PTL Construction

Plant, Transmission (TEİAŞ), Distribution (EDAŞ) Automation Systems;
Meeting the Automation Demands of the Turbine Manufacturer Company and Remote Monitoring of Power Plant Production Data,
DCS Systems Installation,
Monitory and Control of HV (High Voltage) Primary and Secondary Systems,
Monitory and Control of MV (Medium Voltage) Breakers and Disconnectors,
Monitory and Control of LV (Low Voltage) Panels and Levers,
Monitoring of the Inverters,
Monitoring Transformer Protection Systems,
Monitoring and Control of Protection Relays,
Monitoring and Control of Current, Voltage, Power, Active-Reactive Power Information, Energy Analyzers,
Meters’ Readings,
Monitoring and Control of Auxiliary Services, UPS and Rectifiers,
Controlling Whole Process Points,
Recording, Reporting and Controlling All Data in the Past Therefore Reducing Workmanship Costs and Removing Difficulties and Uncertainties During Application by Creating Turnkey Automation and Electric Solutions.

Our Consultancy, Feasibility and Project Development Services;
Konelsis Energy, Electricity and Automation company is an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) company. With our state-of-the-art solar analysis programs, solar efficiency, solar arrival angle and shading calculations are made. Feasibility reports of GES power plants are presented to the investors as consultancy services to the finest detail. In Solar Energy project development stages, it is ensured that field selections are made in the most accurate way and that the energy investor is directed correctly.
For the project, the energy investor is informed by choosing the most appropriate equipment for the selected region, financial status and technical suitability. Pre-investment cash flow diagrams; credit information, leasing services and equipment supply times are taken into consideration. Our customer dominates every stage of his investment from the moment he makes an investment decision. There is no place for surprises in the feasibility reports created in Konelsis expertise.
SEPP Data Record Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Services,
KNEI Remote Monitoring System,
From the KNEI platform, which is our datalogger system developed as Konelsis Energy, Electricity and Automation company; All information within the exchange can be monitored instantly, even from mobile devices. Since KNEI software is 100% Konelsis product, it can be customized according to the requests of our customers,

Operation and Maintenance Services;
As Konelsis Energy, Electricity and Automation company, correct malfunction is detected and solution is provided. Energy is measured at every point and reported to prevent energy loss. R&D Activities are Carried Out in order for the Plant to Adapt to New Technologies and Increase Energy Efficiency.
In order to prevent PV Solar Panels from losing their efficiency in the long term and to have a long life, cleaning services are provided with appropriate material selections,
Field Cleanup and Security Services are Provided,
Routine tests such as transformer, grounding resistance and cable insulation within the scope of EKAT Regulation are made and reported,
Hot spot, micro-crack checks of PV modules with thermal cameras and contact resistance of electrification ports are checked and reported.

Official Procedures with EPDK, ETKB and Their Sub-Institutions;
Konelsis Energy, Electricity and Automation company uses its 20 years of experience in the energy sector, its respectability and high references in institutions, to inform the energy investor correctly and to fulfill the requirements in the relevant government institutions immediately. Our company has been a companion of the energy investor for 20 years with its reliability.