Kinetic energy is generated by reducing the water with potential energy accumulated in the natural basin or having a spontaneous accumulation from a certain height at a certain speed. While this kinetic energy is passed through the turbine blades, it creates a mechanical and creates a rotational movement in the generator. As a result, electricity is generated by moving the generator.

Main Parts of Hydroelectric Power Plants:

• Water Source Structure

• Water Intake Mouth Structure

• Forced Pipes

• Snail (Spiral)

• Turbine

• Generator

• Transformers

• Switching Area

• Other Equipments

Turbine Types:

The hydraulic wheels, which have been used for many years, have been reorganized and developed for many years and these are called lar Hydraulic Turbine Esk.

Kaplan Type Turbine:

The tiger-type turbine wheel is reversible to allow adjustment of the pitch. Kaplan turbines are usually used for water drops up to 30 m. 

Francis Type Turbine:

Flow into the turbine in radial and axis directions. Found by American Francis. Compact structure, safe operation and high efficiency are the most widely used. These turbines are usually used for water drops of 30 - 300 m.

Pelton Type Turbine:

It is used in water droplets with Pelton turbines more than 200m. Pelton turbines are divided into two groups as horizontal axis and vertical axis:

Dikey v: For high power turbines, the vertical axis model is accepted. Sometimes a few impellers are placed on top of each other, and a large number of sprinklers are placed around each wheel.

The Horizontal EAxial Pelton Turbines: The turbine with the generator is wedged on the same shaft. The impellers are located on the left and right sides of the rotor. Since the Pelton type turbines can withstand a speed of 500 arasında750 rpm per minute, 4 to 6 double pole generators can be connected to these turbines.

Hydroelectric Power Plants and KONELSIS Solutions:

• Supply of MV (Medium Voltage) cells,

• Manufacture of AC, DC, UPS distribution boards

• Manufacture of compensation panels

• Production of protection boards

• Power lines

• Manufacture of MCC panels

• Supply of Step-Up Transformers, DC requirement transformers

• Manufacturers of transformer and generator neutral cells

• Supply of diesel generators, UPS, battery and rectifier groups

• Grounding of all equipment

• Supply and installation of all power and control cables

• Equipping the autoproducer feeder

• Supply and installation of field instruments (compressed air, oil, governor etc strüman)

• Mechanical and electrical system installation

• Construction of 154 kV pure facilities

• Automation system elements

• Complete turnkey solutions


PLC Panels:

• Schneider; Modicon Quantum, Premium, M340 Solutions,

• Siemens; S7 400, S7 300 PLC Solutions,

• Scada System Hardware,

• Schneider Vijeo Citect Scada Software,

• Siemens WinCC Scada Software,

• Remote Access to the Power Plant via Web,

• Fiber Optic Cable, Communication Cable with Copper Cable,

• Ethernet Switches,

• 110VDC / 24VDC Battery Rectifier Groups

• MGE / APC Uninterruptible Power Supply

• Common / Plant PLC Panel,

• Unit PLC Panel,

• Loading Pool / Regulator PLC Panel,


• Monitoring and Control of the Power Plant from the Control Room,

• Human Machine Interface (HMI),

• Monitoring All Data of the Power Plant from Mimic Screens,

• Centralized Alarm and Event Management,

• Real-time and historical data monitoring,

• Saving Historical Data,

• Statistical Process Control,

• reporting,