KONELSIS Solutions on Wind Energy Power Plants:
Wind Park Installation,
Transformer Center Installation,
Power Transmission Line Construction,
Plant, Transmission (TEİAŞ), Distribution (EDAŞ), Automation Systems Installation,
Operation of Beurocratic Works in accordance with Regulations, Technical and Administrative Specifications of  ETKB, EPDK, TEİAŞ, EDAŞ, TEMSAN, YEGEM.
Wind Park;
In accordance with IEEE 80-2000 Standards, supported by CYME Grid Simulation, Application of Foundation Grounding and Calculations for Grounding,
Turbine Connections (LV&MV&HV),
Turbine CCTV suitable to OMRIF Standards,
Turbine Communication System Installation,
Turbine Distribution Centre,
Inter-Turbine Cable Channel Construction,
Inter-Turbine Cabling,
Suitable to DIN Standards, Turbine Lightning Protection Systems’ Calculations and Solutions,
Digsilent Supported Calculations and solutions for “Annex-18” Calculations of TEİAŞ Connection Agreement,
Acceptance Works of ETKB.
Transformer Center;
Switchyard Electrification;
TEİAŞ GTMŞ suitable Primary Equipment Procurement, Participation of our Expert Test Engineers to F.A.T. and Installation,
TEİAŞ GTMŞ suitable Secondary Equipment Procurement, Participation of our Expert Test Engineers to F.A.T and Installation,
TEİAŞ GTMŞ Suitable Test and Commissioning,
RTU, SCADA and Communication Systems Installation,
Suitable to OMRIF Standards, CCTV Systems Procurement and Installation,
PRIMTECH Supported Primary project designing, EPLAN supported Secondary Project Designing, and ETAP Supported Electrification Calculations,
Suitable to IEEE 80-2000 Standards and CYME Grid Simulation supported Switchgear Grounding,
DIALUX Supported AC&DC Switchyard Lighting,
Acceptance Works of TEİAŞ.
Switchyard Construction Works;
Foundation Construction of Transformers and Devices,
Oil Pit Construction,
Wire Fence and Razor Wire Construction Around the Switchyard Area,
Galvanized Phylon, Rib and Device’s Steel Manufacturing and Installation,
Galvanized Cable Trays & Covers Manufacturing and Installation,
Concrete Cable Channels Construction,
Lime Nylon Gravel Spreading,
Construction of Reinforced Concrete Culverts for Road Crossings,
Drainage System Construction,
Acceptance Works of TEİAŞ.
Control Building Electrification;
Metal Clad Cell Procurement and Installation,
Command Control Panels Procurement and Installation,
Battery Rectifier Groups Procurement and Installation,
Faraday Cage Construction,
Building Foundation Grounding,
Power Line Carrier and OPGW Communication Systems,
Suitable to DIN Standards Indoor & Outdoor Lightning Protection Systems Construction,
RTU Systems and Regional Load Dispatch Communication,
SCADA Automation System,
Busbar Protection Systems,
Active Fire Detection and Passive Fire Warning Systems,
LV and Weak Current Applications for Building Electric Installment,
Generator Procurement and Installation,
MV Testing and Commissioning,
Acceptance Works of TEİAŞ.
Power Transmission Lines Construction;
PTL Project Designing and Application,
PTL Cost Optimization,
Road Construction for PTL Pole Foundations,
PTL Pole Foundation Construction,
PTL Steel Procurement, Participation of Our Expert Test Engineers to FAT and Installation,
477, 954, 1272 MCM Conductor Procurement and Machined and Non-Machined Wire Drawing,
Isolator, Hanger, Tension Sets, Damper, Warning Sphere Procurement and Installation,
OPGW Procurement, Installation and Finalization,
Protection Wire Procurement and Installation,
Organizing TEİAŞ Control Organization, Making Official Correspondence and Acceptance of Transmission Line for PTL Construction.
Plant, Transmission (TEİAŞ), Distribution (EDAŞ) Automation Systems;
Plant Automation System Installation,
Meeting the Automation Demands of the Turbine Manufacturer Company and Remote Monitoring of Power Plant Production Data,
SCADA/DCS Systems Installation,
Monitoring and Control of HV (High Voltage) Primary and Secondary Systems,
Monitoring and Control of MV (Medium Voltage) Breakers and Disconnectors,
Monitoring and Control of LV (Low Voltage) Panels and Levers,
Monitoring of Generators,
Monitoring of Transformers’ Protection Systems,
Monitoring and Control of Protection Relays,
Monitoring of Current, Voltage, Power, Active-Reactive Power Information, Energy Analyzers,
Meters’ Readings,
Monitoring and Control of Auxiliary Services, UPS and Rectifiers,
Control of All Process Points,
Recording, Reporting and Controlling All Datas in the Past Therefore Reducing Workmanship Costs and Removing Difficulties and Uncertainties During Application by Creating Turnkey Automation and Electric Solutions.
Installation of Electric Transmission & Distribution Automation Systems;
Our company conducts all tests, including the supply, installation and PTP of the Automation system, which is required by the electricity transmission or distribution companies to monitor the various production data of the plant remotely and which is one of the acceptance conditions of the power plant. Our automation systems are highly appreciated and actively used in regional dispatch centers and EDAŞ’s.
Official Procedures with EPDK, ETKB and Their Sub-Institutions;
Konelsis Energy, Electricity and Automation company uses its 20 years of experience in the energy sector, its respectability and high references in institutions, to inform the energy investor correctly and to fulfill the requirements in the relevant government institutions immediately. Our company has been a companion of the energy investor for 20 years with its reliability.