* 1B transition group element. As seen in Cyprus for the first time in the history of copper it is estimated that derives from the words of Cyprian names in all languages. alchemists shown by Venus mirrors.

* The importance of copper is due to three main reasons:

  • due to the presence in almost all regions of the world can be made largely of production,
  • After the silver in all other electrically conductive metals to be the best metal, and
  • Industrial high importance, rice is making alloys like bronze.

* This is how it is classified:

  • With hydrothermal origin and copper have been impregnated. It also called porphyrin beds. about 50% of world production as of 1970, were obtained from these types of mattresses. These types of beds in the US, Chile, Peru and Canada are seen.
  • mineral deposits in sedimentary structures. Located in limestone or dolomite minerals. Rather it is found in central Africa. 17% of world copper production is achieved from these deposits.
  • Liquid magma origin of mineral deposits. They also often carry with copper nickel. These are called volcanic-sedimentary beds. In many countries, especially Canada, Australia and many European countries encountered.

Extraction of:

* Copper found in nature mainly in the form of compounds. In addition to the copper elements are also found. 70 million in the crust and has a rate of 0.001-0.02 million in seawater. Copper minerals and sulfur oxides are divided into two groups.

* The major sulphide minerals; chalcosite, chalcopyrite, bornite, raedirit, enargite. and covellite.

* Major oxide minerals; malachite, and brokantit Cuprite.

* Provide the vast majority of the world copper sulphide ore requirements. average of 2% or seedlings treated today provides a lower rate of copper. Is an expensive process to obtain copper, must be enhanced before the shoot. for enrichment, ground breaking sprouts ago. and the mixture obtained with an average of 32% copper by flotation.


  • Electrical and electronic industry:
  • Thermal (coal, fuel oil, diesel, gas, geothermal), hydraulic and electric power generated by various energy such as nuclear typically transmitted over long distances; such as residential areas to the cities and villages, and distributed to industrial plants are consumed there. Bare conductors, busbars, insulated overhead lines and underground cables and power supplies are the main components of the electric power transmission and distribution. Until recently, the electricity transmission and distribution of copper, has been the main conductive material in this area due to favorable properties. Copper, high electrical conductivity, workability and good mechanical properties is a metal. after silver is best conductive metal is copper.

  • Construction Industry:
  • Copper, concrete construction, the reinforcement of beams and surfaces.

  • Transportation Industry
  • Chemistry
  • Jewelry:
  • Copper is also used in making jewelry because it is an abundant substance in the world.

  • paint Industry

Some Important minerals and copper contents:

Mineral Formula % C % Fe %S Ace% % Sb
native Copper C 99.9 00.1        
  Kalkozit C 2 S 79.8   20.1    
  the Covvelite Whoa 66.5   33.5    
  chalcopyrite cufes 2 34.6 30.5 34.9    
  bornite Cu 5 FeS 4 63.3 11.1 25.6    
 Cuprite C 2 O 88.8        
 tenorite CuO 79.9        
 malachite Cuco 3 · Cu (OH) 2 57.5        
 azurite 2cuco 3 · Cu (OH) 2 55.3        
 Krisokol Cusion 3 · 2H 2 O 36.2        
 Chalchanthite CuSO 4 · 5H 2 O 25.5        
 Brokantit CuSO 4 · 3c (OH) 2 56.2        
 Atakamit CuCl 2 · 3C (OH) 2 59.5        
 Kronkit CuSO 4 · Na 2 SO 4 · 3c (OH) 2 42.8        
 enargite C 3 ass 4 48.4   32.6 19.0  
 Famatinit C 3 SBS 4 43.3   29.1   27.6
 tetrahedrite C 3 SBS 3 46.7   23.5   29.8
 tennantite cuase 3 52.7   26.6 20.7  

Mineral Processing Plant and Automation:

All kinds of metallic (gold, silver, copper, chromium, iron, coal, etc.) Processing and beneficiation processes are the result of successive complex operation. In each step of this process, to achieve the desired product quality, all of the equipment to be controlled properly, monitoring and reporting is of great importance.

Good Manufacturing; maximum efficiency, easy product tracking, long-term, cheap labor, but using technology in process control and can be done without human initiative. All processes such as the MINERAL PROCESSING PLANTS any operating system on the basic principles, failure to correctly analyze the situation and adverse events that may occur, assess and pass from the right towards the sudden intervention made based on these results. This can only be achieved by the automation system.


Mining and Processing Plant KONELSİS:

This approach KONELSIS monitoring of all process points, all controlling processes point, the whole history of recording of data, reporting and control along with reducing labor costs encountered in practice challenges and eliminates uncertainties Turnkey Automation and Electrical Solutions Technologies.


Complete Turnkey Solutions;

  • MV (Medium Voltage) switchgear facilities and cutters,
  • LV (Low Voltage) distribution boards,
  • Compensation boards and harmonic filtration,
  • MCC (Motor Control Center) panels,
  • PLC / RTU establishment of systems engineering services,
  • SCADA / DCS system and the establishment of engineering services,
  • Making the supply and calibration of field instrumentation,
  • Making the electrical installation and commissioning works and so on.