* DS and City Water Pump stations, Gas pumping stations, performing control such as oil pump stations pumping stations and also involves monitoring from a central location.

Controls and Advantages of pumps;

  • Enter the operating time of pumps or trigger in any order, providing the exit.
  • B and disabling the stator according to the heat pump and in that instead of receiving the pump having at least use (or replacement), the alarm can be recognized on every incoming pump pressure and flow rate change profile.
  • Well water tank and pump telemetry communication between the central station or in the water source may be provided with a wire or fiber optic cable.
  • tracking a total transfer amount of water in these systems, bed temperature trends tracked and recorded data can be analyzed retrospectively.
  • Or more over the Web to a predetermined e-mail address and thrown GSM SMS to multiple simultaneous failures can be reported.
  • With HTML structure can control the system from any location via your MS-I and delete failures.
  • Service center dial-up modems, radio PLC / RTU can be connected to the system and remote assistance technician for any failures.
  • There is little that made it easy to modernize old systems.
  • Each pump is Under Control AC Drive. Redundant Control, unique Fiber Optic Hab. With the desired pump drive off without affecting any of the others may be allowed to work.
  • Master Follower; flow control is performed at one of the pump. Others work in either stand-by or constant flow waits.
  • Director Follower; Pumps are all it takes to start a minimum debi'il at the same time and all of the reduced flow rate same or increases.
  • Calculation of technical characteristics allow the identification of the pump in a healthy manner.
  • The pump inlet and outlet and the differential pressure monitoring changes in engine power due to DTC ACS800 technology based on a very sensitive and can be felt by the basic device quickly.
  • For maximum efficiency, long-term, cheap labor, but the technology and can be made using the pump stations without human initiative.

* Any work on the basic principles of the pump station systems, fault status and adverse events that may occur to correctly analyze, evaluate and pass from the right towards the sudden intervention made based on these results. This can only be achieved by the automation system.

* Monitoring of this approach KONELSIS all the pump, checking, all the history of recording of data, reporting and control agreement that eliminates the difficulties and uncertainties encountered in practice by reducing labor costs Turnkey Automation and Electrical Solutions Technologies.

Complete Turnkey Solutions;

  • MCC (Motor Control Center) panels,
  • PLC / RTU establishment of systems engineering services,
  • Telemetry (remote wireless communication) Construction of the system,
  • SCADA / DCS system and the establishment of engineering services,
  • Making the supply and calibration of field instrumentation,
  • Making the electrical installation and commissioning works and so on.

* Emerging IT, power, rapid progress has been made in automation and electrical products used in conjunction with the electronic technology sector. Konelsis technological leader in the industry in this race offers automation solutions with Siemens and Schneider Electric partnership system.

* Konelsis Automation Systems as we take signature to professionals working in the automation of pump stations. To get more information you can contact our company.